Theory of Literature

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Theory of literature offers vivid view of a book and it broadens the learning process via enabling access to various aspects of literacy, criticism, and history. The principle literature provides users with more insight, and these insights are correctly grouped into two approaches. The extrinsic approach deals with concepts backyard the works of an author. Such extrinsic concept includes as a society and the basic functioning of each and every community. However, the other approach is known as the intrinsic method which provides vivid description of internal relating elements that could be generated from the work of an author such as meter and rhythm.
The theory of literature furnished details of the intrinsic and extrinsic factors which are primary factors required for the proper understanding of any book that is currently under study. There is need to note that to understand a writer's message; we must have access to the intrinsic value of the message i.e. the meter and the rhythm. However, to learn and also gain the ability to apply the concept of a book to the society there is need to understand the extrinsic value of such book. An adequate understanding of the Theory of literature provides the capacity to understand and efficiently apply the dictates of a book.

There is need to conclude by stressing that based on the above importance and functions of literature theory, It is important to clearly state that theory of literature does make it difficult to understand a book neither does help in the construct of a bad, view or taste. The theory of literature, on the other hand, broadens our views about concepts portrayed by the books we read. It helps us to know more than what we see on the surface, and lastly, the theory of literature helps us to apply the concept of a book to the society as a whole through the providence of the extrinsic view.

August 09, 2021
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